Sindh IT Minister Taimur Talpur says Hareem Shah’s mysterious PPP husband is a publicity stunt

Muhammad Arsalan ArabWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2021. 06:20 pm

Sindh IT Minister Taimur Talpur has dismissed reports of being TikTok star Hareem Shah’s mysterious husband.

The Pakistani TikTok star said she had tied the knot with a PPP leader.

The online sensation acknowledged her marriage but kept her husband’s identity a secret, promising to reveal details about the wedding and her partner to her fans soon.

Soon after Shah’s announcement, speculation began as to who her husband would be, with Talpur being one of the possibilities.

Talpur denied the rumors after the issue was raised in the Sindh Assembly, saying news of Shah’s mysterious PPP husband was a “publicity stunt”.

The rumors spread as the Sindh IT minister wears a Rolex watch which was also seen in a picture shared by the TikTok star showing the hands of a man and woman on her Instagram earlier.

“I think this news has no basis. The whole news is told by Hareem Shah herself,” Talpur said, adding that the whole party was looking for the PPP member who married Shah.

He claimed that the report is based on lies and that Shah fabricated it to gain attention because she had been out of the spotlight for a long period.

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