India Spent Rs100m on Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj

muzzamil mehboobWeb Editor

10th Aug, 2021. 10:45 am

The Sports Authority of India spent Rs100m in Pakistani rupees on Neeraj Chopra during the past four years since he failed to achieve the medal at Rio Olympics in 2016.

Chopra became the first Indian track and field athlete to have won the gold medal in over 100 years. After he broke the record at the Under-20 Youth Games in 2016, he moved forward with the Indian Sports Authority. He made every effort to bring out the very best in him by hiring the best coaches and getting the required international exposure.

He won the gold medal, but all his efforts were successful due to the support of the Indian government, the corporate sector, and all relevant institutions.

Collectively, it cost India Rs100m for the preparation for the Olympics 2020. He was also funded under the TOPS scheme.

At the 2016 IAAF World U20 Championships, the outstanding athlete debuted by breaking the Under-20 world record. His 86.48m attempt at the 2016 Rio Olympics might have earned him a bronze medal, but he missed the qualification deadline and had to wait five years for this opportunity.

In five years how much did India spent on Neeraj? Here is the detail.

According to the Sports Authority of India, the government spent INR48,539,638 on Neeraj for his training and overseas competitions for the 450 days leading up to the Tokyo Olympics. Dr. Klaus Bartonietz was made Neeraj’s personal coach following his elbow surgery in March 2019 and the government has paid him INR1,22,24,880 as salary to date.

A total of four javelins (special) have been procured for Neeraj so far at the cost of INR4,35,000. In 2021, INR19,22,533 has been spent on Neeraj after he joined a camp in Sweden for 50 days to compete in European tournaments before flying out directly to Tokyo.

He has been taking part in all the major tournaments over the past four years perfecting his skills. On the other hand, Arshad wasn’t even given 5% of the training, coaching, exposure, and financial assistance, as Chopra’s.

When comparing Arshad and Chopra’s abilities, the Pakistani athlete comes out on top. Arshad, on the other hand, was unfortunate in not having access to all of the facilities that Chopra had.

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