Daesh Bajaur attack
Daesh backed Bajaur suicide attack: investigation

Suicide bombing kills 46 and injures over 200. Severe tension existed between Daesh and Jamiat scholars since 2019, investigation team....

Qureshi Asad cypher probe
PTI’s Qureshi, Asad Umar join FIA cypher probe
KPO attack terrorists jails
KPO attack: Terrorists in jails to be investigated
KPO attack development
KPO attack: Important development surfaced during investigation
Tom Girardi
Tom Girardi was under investigation for more than 200 disciplinary issues
Tom Girardi
Tom Girardi was under investigation for more than 200 disciplinary issues
Investigation of Trump's
Investigation of Trump’s Florida home: The FBI notes “signs of obstruction”
Missing pupils in Mexico
Missing pupils in Mexico: Former top official detained in the investigation
U.S. agency launches investigation into tragic Florida Tesla accident
German asylum shelter knife attack kills 1, injured five
Murder investigation after man stabbed in east London
The Department of Justice will investigate the police reaction to the Uvalde incident.
Investigating dog attack kills a woman in Alabama
Old buoy on Somerset beach triggers a bomb scare
David Hollander
After misconduct investigation, showrunner David Hollander was fired from ‘American Gigolo.’
Alec Baldwin
According to sheriff, the investigation into Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting is nearly finished
‘Rust’ producers issued maximum fine over Baldwin shooting
A California ambulance driver accused of assaulting a minor
jilin china
China’s Jilin Province reports 1,456 new local COVID-19 cases
Israel detects 1st polio case since 1989
Police officials involved in running gambling den detained for investigation
Nigeria ‘investigating’ deadly air strike in Niger
Customs intelligence unearths cases of trade-based money laundering
FIA Lahore director requests DG to cancel transfers of sugar inquiry team members
Zhongshan City
China’s Zhongshan City sees 1 test positive for COVID-19
FBR wins first-ever court conviction under Anti-Money Laundering Act
PCB suspends Zeeshan Malik under anti-corruption code
Kohistan Blast
Chinese team to probe Kohistan bus tragedy
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