President Donald Trump

Presidential Showdown: Trump, Biden Gear Up for Unprecedented Election Rematch
Presidential Showdown: Trump, Biden Gear Up for Unprecedented Election Rematch

Biden, Trump secure nominations for historic rematch. Biden defends democracy; Trump emphasizes economy, border control. Legal challenges: Trump in Georgia;...

Donald Trump
The NY attorney general will remove former President Donald Trump on Wednesday
Wisconsin Democrats back Barnes to defeat Senators Johnson
Liz Cheney
Why Liz Cheney is in a lot of trouble in Wyoming
Mississippi Governor
Mississippi Governor Reeves emphasizes the “culture of life”
Donald Trump
President Donald Trump recently considering making an announcement before 2024
safe harbor
Hochul calls New York a “safe harbor” for women seeking abortions
US looking to reconfigure China tariffs in ‘coming weeks’: Yellen
joe biden
The Biden administration may lift China tariffs, in order to reduce inflation
Trump publicly announces his approval for investor Blake Masters
Madison Cawthorn’s ‘Dark MAGA’ takeover threat after losing the North Carolina primary election
Joe Biden
Biden eases money transfers to Cuba and opposes Trump’s immigration and visa policies
Donald trump
Colorado Springs was first choice for Space Command headquarters
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
New Texts Reveals MTG texted Meadows about Trump asserting Martial Law
Jonathan Toebbe,
US nuclear submarine secrets sold?
iran vienna
Iran reaches agreement in Vienna
UAE suspends talks on $23 billion weapons deal with US
Central Bank of Iran
Iran arrests 5 over “disrupting” forex market
iran nuclear program
Iran demands assurance US will not pull out of nuclear deal
Former First Lady Melania Trump
What Did Melania Trump have to say in her farewell message?
US Election 2020: Kamala Harris’ second campaign in Arizona
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence reveals she was a Republican before Trump’s election in 2016
Lisa Montgomery
Lisa Montgomery to be executed in 70 years for strangling a pregnant woman in 2004
Trump wins
Coronavirus: Donald Trump remains under scrutiny in hospital
Donald Trump VS Joe Biden
US elections: Trump denies peaceful transfer of power to Joe Biden if he loses
US Coronavirus
US Coronavirus death toll surpasses 200,000 amidst fears for winter season
Donald Trump bank account China
Bob Woodward book: Trump admits he knew before how deadly Coronavirus was
Trump's rival Joe Biden
Joe Biden wins democratic nomination for November elections
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