Will Ibtisam-ul-Haq lead his father Inzamam’s legacy?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

09th Jul, 2020. 11:43 pm

Former cricketer and Pakistani cricket coach, Mushtaq Ahmed interviewed former cricketer and former Afghanistan cricket team’s coach Inzamam-ul-Haq on BOL News’ GOOGLY WITH MUSHI.

While talking to Mushtaq Ahmed, Inzi said one cannot play cricket if his posture is not correct. Every time a player goes on the batting pitch, his posture should correct and his head facing strat to the bowl.

“You should have the right posture and a correct balance to play cricket. Secondly, for international matches, the players should have a sense of the game.”

Inzamam further discussed about his experience while coaching the Afghani team. He revealed that he boosted the confidence of the players and encouraged them to play well on the field. He told,

“As the Afghanistan team was new when I started to coach them, my main focus was to boost their confidence. I made sure before every match that every player had positive thinking of winning the match.”

As Inzamam-ul-Haq’s son Ibtisam-ul-Haq has played under the nineteen cricket championship, the former cricketer told the techniques should be taught to the new young players, just like primary school students have been taught. This will help them to play cricket more effectively and with the correct technique.

“I believe, the young players should be taught the correct cricket techniques. They should not be taught verbally but should apply those techniques practically.”

He further added,

“Just after a young player joins the cricket club, the coach should start his training and let him experience everything practically, so that if he gets an opportunity to play for the national team, he should know the correct techniques to win the game.”

On asking his view on Babar Azam’s performance, Inzi replied,

“Babar is a great player. I can see the hunger inside him. He wants to be the best and I can see the potential in him that he can be one of the great Pakistani cricket players of the world.”

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