South Carolina

Haley Takes Early Lead in New Hampshire Primary Kickoff
Haley Takes Early Lead in New Hampshire Primary Kickoff

Nikki Haley leads GOP primary in New Hampshire. Dixville Notch's midnight vote kicks off key 2024 primary. Biden absent, write-in...

Gullah Geechee Community's Battle to Protect US Island
Gullah Geechee Community’s Battle to Protect US Island
South Carolina
Two South Carolina families identified four kidnaped Americans
Alex Murdaugh
Alex Murdaugh, a disgraced former lawyer, sentenced to life
Alex Murdaugh
Alex Murdaugh faces sentencing for killing his wife and son
Chinese balloon
Chinese balloon sensors retrieve from the water
US accused by China of flying 10 balloons over its airspace
Chinese spy balloon
US Navy is working to collect Chinese “spy balloon” debris
US shoots
US shoots down airship over Atlantic after China balloon
Chinese spy
US shoots down Chinese spy balloon over ´unacceptable´ violation
Trump’s 2024 campaign currently has a new appearance
Mega Million
Mega Million jackpot climbs to $1.1B, still no winner
Kevin McCarthy
“11 votes cast over three days,” US House Speaker is still absent
Mega Millions
Mega Millions jackpot jumps to $565 million
New Hampshire fumes over Biden’s 2024 Democratic primary changes
A man “broke into my ex’s house and threw her child’s ashes in the trash”
South Carolina Senate
South Carolina Senate was unable to enact a nearly complete abortion ban
Joe Biden
Joe Biden arrives for a weeklong family vacation on island in South Carolina
Orangutan adopts, feeds, and plays with 3 tiger cubs
rattlesnake in myrtle beach
Rattlesnake spotted in surf at South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach
South Carolina man
A South Carolina man who was missing for two months died after sliding into a shredder
Chicago mass shooting
Hundreds of people injured in major city shootings in Chicago and other countries
united states
Ten people slain in four weekend shootings across United States
President Biden has urged to resist racial supremacy
US in mourning, outrage after ‘racist’ mass shooting
Whoopi Goldberg outrageous over anti-abortion law; slams Supreme court
Parents heated after shootout during kids baseball game leaves children ‘traumatized’
South Carolina death row inmate Richard Moore
South Carolina Supreme Court orders State’s plan for firing squad execution
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