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Two-year-old toddler swallowed by hippo, spit out by onlooker

A two-year-old Ugandan kid was assaulted by a hippo. The hippo swallowed half of his body before spitting him out...

T Rex skull
Mysterious benefactor selling most complete T-Rex skull for £17m
Conspiracy Theorist says govt released mosquitoes to spy on people
Woman neighbours threaten to contact police for ‘decorative’ porch plants
bear attack
 Woman survives a deadly bear attack by punching the nose
Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain supports women of Iran
Pakistani guy
Pakistani guy wins Dubai crown prince’s heart with brave act
Virologist warns people using same pillow for 2 years
Optical Illusion
Can you see what’s wrong with this image? Just ‘1% of people’ can spot it
I’m a super catfish – I have acne and shave my face, but I appear completely different when I’m dressed up; others call it a “war crime.”
Ulrika Jonsson
Ulrika Jonsson had a wardrobe malfunction after her daughter instructs her to remove some inappropriate photos
newborn son
I cuddled, slept next to, and read to my dead newborn son — his twin lived, and their death and birth were reported on the same day
Debanhi Escobar
Debanhi Escobar’s disappearance has been solved, with the teen’s corpse discovered in a hotel cistern following the final photo on ‘death road.’
A dope-addled bodybuilder assassinated a loving father of two who stomped on his foot by accident
murdering four sleeping family members
Minutes before murdering four sleeping family members and killing himself, a 29-year-old man posted a terrifying Facebook confession
beast attacked ranch
Farmer’s terrifying ‘Bigfoot’ encounter when beast attacked ranch in the night
Maura Higgins
Maura Higgins of Love Island leaves little to the imagination in this barely-there ensemble
Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann’s parents hope she is alive as German paedo named official suspect
Laura Woods
Laura Woods slams a troll who asked if she and Adebayo Akinfenwa have had intimate relations 
Makayla Anisa
The fitness Makayla Anisa model calls social media “false” as she reveals the truth behind contrived photos
Laura Woods
After a ludicrous fake story spreads on Twitter, Laura Woods slams “absolute doughnuts.”
conjoined twins
After a tumultuous one-in-2.5 million pregnancy, parents welcome ‘miracle’ conjoined twins into the world
horrifying video
In this horrifying video, Rocky, the Hollywood bear, mauls a trainer to death by ripping his neck off
My spouse had an affair with his best friend’s girlfriend, and I’m distraught, says the Britain’s Got Talent contestant Francine Lewis
Moment monster mum who murdered her own son Logan, 5, stars in chilling homemade slasher movie and finds dead body
Mum is a nasty person. RESPONSIBLE for the death of a 7-year-old asthmatic boy who was allowed to die alone in a yard while ‘gasping for breath.’
Madeleine McCann
As he’s been named a suspect in Madeleine McCann’s abduction, seven major pieces of bombshell evidence tying Christian B to her disappearance have surfaced
Ebanie Bridges
Ebanie Bridges ‘sparks out’ a male fighter before labelling him “pathetic” with a cheeky remark
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