Barack Obama

US military buys Japanese seafood
US military buys lots of Japanese seafood to avoid ban from China

US military buys lots of Japanese seafood to avoid ban from China. China cited food safety concerns as the basis...

Who is Narges Muhammadi
Who is Narges Muhammadi? Nobel Prize winner 2023
Barack Obama
Barack Obama and wife Michelle shares meaningful messages on their anniversary
Joe the Plumber Barack Obama
Joe the Plumber of Barack Obama question passes away at 49
Judy Heumann
Judy Heumann, an American disability rights campaigner died at the age 75
Russian parliament
Russian parliament votes to suspend nuclear arms treaty
Queen cracks
Queen cracks hilarious joke about Donald Trump after awkward moment at Buckingham Palace
US Marines
US Marines officially opens first new base in 70 years
secret documents
At Biden’s house, six more secret documents gets seized
Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ earns new world record
classified Biden documents
Second batch of classified Biden documents discovered
Prince Harry
Meghan Markle is thinking of publishing her own memoir
Barack Obama
Obama stops speech to let 4-year-old speak at rally
Dueling US presidents arrives in Pennsylvania, crucial swing state
Dueling US presidents arrives in Pennsylvania, crucial swing state
Donald Trump
Donald Trump petitions US Supreme Court to intervene in seizure of sensitive documents
Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama writes note to Barack on their wedding anniversary
Prince Harry
Prince Harry criticised for thinking that his memoir would help him to become like Barack Obama
Meghan Markle’s memoir will make her an “A-list hero”
Man accurately mimics world leaders way of walk
6 January committee
Biden deplores Shinzo Abe killing as a ‘tragedy for Japan’
Philippine president
‘Shoot them dead’: Philippine president Duterte in his own words
US Supreme Court
US Supreme Court strikes down right to abortion
Barack and Michelle Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama’ comedy-thriller series to be film in Cork
Barack Obama
Barack Obama shares video of Copenhagen singers singing soulful song, Watch
Trump was told fraud claims behind Capitol riot were false: aides
Toby Keith
Toby Keith Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer
World leaders pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II
US negotiator says odds against reviving Iran deal
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