1,000 people die of dengue in severe outbreak in Bangladesh
1,000 people die of dengue in severe outbreak in Bangladesh

Bangladesh faces its worst dengue outbreak in recent weeks, with nearly 1,000 reported deaths. Heavy monsoon rains have created ideal...

polio vaccination certificate
Egypt requires polio vaccination certificate for travelers from specific countries
WHO Aid Arrives in Benghazi for 250,000 People
WHO Aid Arrives in Benghazi for 250,000 People
Covid hospitalizations surge in US, mask mandates urged
Christopher Wray
China lab leak Covid most likely, says FBI chief Christopher Wray
Mental Health
Exercise is more effective than medication for Mental Health: Study
265,000 deaths
265,000 deaths reported annually from chronic burns worldwide
WHO chief arrives in Aleppo on plane carrying aids
Cameroon limits Eq Guinea border activity over deaths
Turkey Earthquake
Almost 30,000 rescued from near earthquake
Up to 23M people could be affected by earthquake, says WHO
covid-19 new 17 cases
NIH registered 17 new COVID-19 cases
Indian cough syrups
WHO warns against use of Indian cough syrups in Uzbekistan
Ebola outbreak
Uganda authorities formally declares end of Ebola outbreak
Satellite images
Satellite images show crowding at China’s crematoriums and burial homes
Covid in China
Celebrity deaths raise concerns about China’s death toll
WHO: China ‘under-representing’ true impact of Covid outbreak
Australia, Canada restricts Chinese Covid travelers
Strep A
CDC warns of a rise in severe strep A infections among children
India and china
China’s Covid wave alerts India to new variants
WHO supports ‘dangerous’ India cough syrup claim in Gambia
Truce agrees in Tigray Conflict , Ethiopia
Truce agrees in Tigray Conflict , Ethiopia
Africa suicide rate
Africa suicide rate is highest in the world says WHO
Video Viral: US woman explains how she got monkeypox
Ethiopia condemns WHO
Ethiopia condemns the WHO chief’s remarks on Tigray “unethical.”
WHO triggers highest alert on monkeypox
Top 1K US monkeypox cases
World Health Organization to reconvene monkeypox emergency panel
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