Challenges EU Membership
Challenges on Ukraine’s Path to EU Membership

EU debates Ukraine's formal membership negotiations soon. EU entry is based on merit, requires hard work and leadership. EU prepares...

Denmark anti-Quran burning
Denmark rushes to pass anti-Quran burning legislation
Ukraine-Russian war F-16s Netherlands Denmark
Ukraine-Russian war: Ukraine to get F-16s from Netherlands & Denmark
F-16 Fighter Jets
Denmark and Netherlands Aid Ukraine with F-16 Fighter Jets
Iraqi Embassy Incident
Iraqi Embassy Incident: Two protesters burn Quran in front of Iraqi embassy in Denmark
NATO should hold emergency summit over Nord Stream blasts, says Russia
UN committee criticizes Denmark for neglecting to investigate a ‘racist’ art exhibit
leopard 1 tanks
Germany, Denmark, Netherlands to provide funds to restore 100 Leopard 1 tanks for Kyiv
Prince William
Prince William became godfather of Greek prince at young age
Denmark opposes Russian athletes competing in supports
Pakistan strongly
Pakistan strongly condemns desecration of Quran in Denmark
Winter heat
Europe: Winter heat records broken all over continent
UK PM says unilateral
UK PM says unilateral call for ceasefire by Russia would be meaningless
Denmark government drops holiday to improve defense budget
Australia defeats Denmark to go to round of 16 behind Leckie goal
Tunisia holds Denmark
Tunisia holds Denmark in World Cup opener
Denmark will wear protest shirts for 2022 World Cup in Qatar
Nord Stream
Denmark creates no-go zones in the Baltic after Nord Stream leaks
Denmark's intelligence chief
Denmark’s Former intelligence chief accused of leaking ‘highly classified’ information
Denmark to provide clean water in flood-affected areas of Sindh
King who named ‘Bluetooth’ could be buried in Poland
amusement park
Teenage girl killed in Danish amusement park ride accident
Cort Nielsen wins fight upset Tour stage, Pogacar holds yellow
Germany defeats Denmark to start its Euro campaign strong
Spain rallies from a deficit to defeat Finland 4-1 in the women’s competition
Christensen, Kessie: Barcelona sign on free exchanges
drug smuggling drones
Spain seizes first underwater drug smuggling drones
Copenhagen shooting
Copenhagen shooting suspect remanded in psychiatric ward
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