Laptop on Bike
Woman Using Laptop on Bike Pillion Faces Criticism

Video: Woman uses laptop as bike pillion, stirs controversy. Safety concerns for both driver and woman due to distraction. Around...

Dominic West responds to criticism he’s ‘too attractive to portray Charles’
James Corden
James Corden responds to criticism for a joke that is nearly identical to Ricky Gervais
Pregnant Sophia Grace
Pregnant Sophia Grace discusses her secret love life and criticism
Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen apologizes to Garcelle Beauvais after ‘RHOBH’ reunion criticism
Graham Norton
Graham Norton quit Twitter after receiving criticism from JK Rowling
Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah supports criticism of the dim lighting in “House of the Dragon”  
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig’s “No Time to Die” receives some criticism from Pierce Brosnan
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt received criticism after learned how much his skincare brand costs
Dananeer Mobeen
Dananeer Mobeen has drawn criticism for flaunting his relationship with his father
Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf reveals Olivia Wilde’s Florence Pugh criticism
Kanye West
Kanye West faces criticism after his Instagram post
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner faces criticism for taking12 minute flight on private jet
Amber Khan
Amber Khan faces criticism over her latest viral video
Endgame directors answered MCU criticism
China criticises Taiwan
Taiwan’s speaker warns of Chinese ambitions in Prague, China protests
Drama Sang e Mah’s Ending Gets heavy Criticism
Durefisshan received criticism for her statement on Alia Bhatt’s Pregnancy
Ayesha Omar's
Ayesha Omar’s Rehbra BTS Video Receives Criticism
Kylie Jenner received criticism for utilizing her $70 million jet for a trip
Some customers are turned off by Juneteenth products
EU leaders visit Ukraine after criticism, offer EU hope
Indian minister bluntly responds to West over Russian oil purchase criticism
George R.R. Martin
Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin responds to the finale backlash
Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan delivers a harsh criticism on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, calling them “fame-hungry” and “selfish”
Gym Outfit
Sajal Aly has been criticized for wearing an inappropriate gym outfit
Mehar bano
Mehar Bano Draws Criticism For Her Dance Video ‘Sasti Nora Fatehi’
Prince Harry
Prince Harry is facing criticism for his new series with Meghan Markle
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