Power rate
Power rate likely to go up by Rs0.55

Power consumers in Pakistan might soon experience an increase in their electricity bills, as the cost per unit is expected...

KP CM stresses to increase power generation in province 
Electricity shutdown: Dastgir says power supply being partially restored
Shocking damage
Shocking damage as storm knocks out power for tens of thousands in Australia, smashed Adelaide
Julia and George
Julia and George combined their collective star power for ‘Ticket to Paradise’
Over 1,000 settlements in Ukraine without power
Over 1,000 settlements in Ukraine without power
Putin’s tactical nuclear
Putin’s tactical nuclear weapons power is the same as atomic bombs
Puerto Ricans
Puerto Ricans hear echoes of Hurricane Maria after being without power for a week following Fiona
Puerto Rico:
Puerto Rico: Lack of power creates life-or-death situations
Fiona reels in Puerto Rico, with 1.3 million without power
Spain daily gas demand for power hits new record
Karachi: Trade bodies urge govt to make power affordable for the city.
Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker on his ‘LOTR’ character
Telecom operators warn of mobile, internet shutdowns
Zelensky: We’ll do all in our power to free every Ukrainian held captive
Japan requests that 37 million people turn off their lights.
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson wants to remain in power  by the middle of the 2030s
Top energy producer Australia braces for power cuts
Ethiopia starts generating power at Nile mega-dam
Ethiopia starts generating power at Nile mega-dam
The game of power
Mari Petroleum
Power portfolio
Marriyum Aurangzeb says PM’s address was of a man ‘lustful of power’
Thal Limited
Power portfolio
Businessmen reject hike in power tariff
solar power
More industrial units moving away from grid power
Rizwan praises young boy from Gilgit-Baltistan for incredible sketch
Sherry Rehman
PPP slams government over power price hike
China launches onshore project to power Bohai Bay oilfields
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