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Who did you talk to the most on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp also has a feature that very few people know about. This feature is for Android and Apple users. So let's stop...

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Demons in the deep ocean

A Russian fisherman has shared disturbing images of some creepiest creatures coming from Norway and the Barents Sea and off the Atlantic...

Amazing / 1 week ago

Archaeologist finds secret basement in Lahore Fort

A basement of Deewan-e-Aaam has been discovered while preserving the floor slabs...

Amazing / 1 week ago

Whale found dead at Baluchistan coast

A 31-feet-long Bryde's whale was found dead at a remote rocky shore...

Amazing / 1 week ago

Deer in Thailand loses its life because of plastic pollution

A deer has been found dead in Thailand 7kg (15lb) of plastic bags...

Homebuyers in China get prank
Amazing / 2 weeks ago

Home-buyers in China got Pranked

The real estate developer promised “park views” to home-buyers in central China’s...

Couple in Texas breaks the Guinness World Record for oldest married couple
Amazing / 3 weeks ago

Couple in Texas breaks the Guinness World Record for oldest marriage

A couple from Austin have broken the Guinness World Record for oldest...

Amazing / 1 month ago

Saudi Arabia to hold first women’s wrestling match

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is all set to hold its first women's...

Creepy doll contest held in Minnesota
Amazing / 1 month ago

Dreadful doll contest held in Minnesota

Competitions among models is quite common around the world, but can this...

US scientists develop genetic word processor technology
Amazing / 1 month ago

American scientists introduced a new technology ‘genetic word processor’

The scientists from United States (US) have developed a new technology "genetic...

Amazing / 2 months ago

A baby born with two teeth

  Karachi: The baby born with two teeth has gone viral. The...

Amazing / 2 months ago

Oldest known natural pearl in the world discovered in Abu Dhabi

The oldest known natural pearl in the world has been discovered from...

Amazing / 2 months ago

World’s most expensive shoe pair unveiled at Dubai Marina

A UAE-based designer has designed the world's most expensive shoes which was...

Amazing / 2 months ago

Twenty new moons discovered around Saturn

Twenty new moons have been found around Saturn, giving the ringed planet...

Amazing / 2 months ago

Germany: Zebra shot dead after escaping circus

A zebra has been shot dead after escaping from a circus in...

Amazing / 2 months ago

Female passenger opens plane’s emergency exit due to suffocation

A lady passenger in the aeroplane accidentally opened the emergency gate when...

Amazing / 2 months ago

Sarbaz Khan climbed up the world’s eighth highest peak

Sarbaz Khan became the first Pakistan climber to scale Mount Manaslu, world’s...