More than 9 thousand cases of HIV AIDS reported in Pakistan this year

Over 9 thousand 565 cases of HIV Aids have been confirmed this year in Pakistan. According to details, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)...

49% of women in Pakistan suffer from anemia Health

49% of women in Pakistan suffer from anemia

Nutritionists say 49% of women in Pakistan suffer from anemia, while 40% of children under the age of 5 are facing severe...

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India to launch world’s first male contraceptive

A 78-year-old Delhi-based biomedical engineer Sujoy Guha invented the drug which is...

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During Acne, Do Not Eat This !

As we age, certain changes in our skin appears, however much of...

Health / 20 hours ago

90 Lacs children to be treated with typhoid vaccine in Sindh

Doctors in Pakistan says that the new vaccine, which has been introduced...

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The purpose of the walk to keep the environment neat and clean

A special walk was organized by the Peace for Life Welfare Foundation...

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Pregnant women and children are the most vulnerable to malaria, report

According to a report released on malaria by the World Health Organization...

Drinking water only in morning can flush out toxins from body?
Health / 2 days ago

Drinking water only in morning can flush out toxins from body?

Sixty percent of the human body is composed of water, so for...

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Smokers can donate blood as well, research says

Blood donation saves many lives. The donated blood is given to the...

Younger people should have their cholesterol checked at 25
Health / 3 days ago

Younger people should have their cholesterol checked at 25

Treating younger people with high cholesterol levels may help reduce their risk...

Health / 3 days ago

Marijuana smokers more likely to bear testicular cancer

A new study has found that men who smoke one marijuana cigarette,...

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Brazil approves medical marijuana, as Latin America drug taboo softens

Brazil has approved medicinal cannabis-based products, the country’s pharmaceutical regulator Anvisa said...

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Seasonal lattes, hot chocolates contain up to 23 spoonfuls of sugar: Study

Seasonal lattes and hot chocolates being sold by some High Street coffee...

Health / 3 days ago

Obese Teens at risk of brain function damage !

Teen obesity has been rising and becoming a global headache, for now,...

Health / 5 days ago

Sodas increase hip fracture risk in women, study

If you are a soft drink lover, then you must be aware...

Health / 6 days ago

Fruits and Veges help prevent colorectal cancer

A new study has revealed that a molecular mechanism through which a...

Health / 6 days ago

PAQSJIMS Gambat successfully performed 100 liver transplants

No need to go abroad! Pakistanis are now blessed with their liver...