Hrithik Roshan breaks silence on Sister’s relationship with Muslim journalist

By Web Desk, BOL News

09th July, 2019

Bollywood actor  Hrithik Roshan opened up on his sister’s issue for being in a relationship with the Muslim journalist Ruhail Amin.

While giving an interview to Indian news paper Hrithik stated, “It was an internal, private and sensitive matter for me and my family and religion is not even a thing in my family. It has never been discussed or been given importance whatsoever in my entire life. And I would like to believe that it is obvious to the world by now.”

Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan claimed of being subjected to physical abuse by her own family because of an alleged relationship with a Muslim guy. Although Roshan’s family had refused to comment on the matter but now Hrithik Roshan broke his silence about the controversy.

Sunaina further said, “I fell in love with a Muslim guy Ruhail Amin who worked as a journalist, my father persecuted me and slapped for that and told me that the person I loved is a terrorist, which Ruhail isn’t. If he was one, would he able to work for a renowned media house? Wouldn’t he have been behind bars?” she asked.

Under BJP rule, the India is becoming dangerously intolerant with an increase in hate against Muslims in recent years.

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