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Samaa showing sexually explicit, indecent and vulgar content

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28th May, 2020. 07:32 pm
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On NAB complaint, PEMRA directs Samaa TV to air apology

In producing media, sometimes TV networks and channels forget the audiences that they are catering towards. It’s highly important to understand the traditions, values and norms that are acceptable in the society in which media production is taking place. This can help produce the right content which is appropriate for the viewing masses.

In their show, Wardaat, Samaa TV indulged in the spreading of indecent and vulgar content, yet again ruining the very institution of media production in Pakistan. A while ago, Samaa TV aired the graphic content related to a crime story in which a boy had sent a text to a girl. This text message was shown in its original form, uncensored for the viewing public and offensive to the religious customs and norms acceptable in our eastern society.  

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) followed the route of fining Samaa TV with the amount of Rs. 1 million directed towards the violation of PEMRA rules and code of conduct set by the Supreme Court. For the content that they are showcasing, Samaa faces the possibility of having their license suspended. This ought to be a sign for all media channels to be disciplined in the kind of content they display. TV networks should share events with a level of maturity and moderation rather than reverting to extreme perspectives for higher publicity.  

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